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Restaurant Urbano
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Restaurant Urbano is the bet from Hotel Bogotá 100 Design with quality Colombian gastronomy. Our Chef Ingrid Santamaría masterfully combines the recipes of the past and the traditional dishes of our land, providing a fresh and personal touch.

In this way, the menu of Urbano reinvents the Colombian cuisine in a bet that embraces the avant-garde, offering the diner guest a show of flavors, scents and textures.

The base of the dishes is always the freshest local products, which are part of the daily diet of Colombian people. In this way, Urbano recipes will transport you to home cooking, with a sophisticated and modern touch.

The dining room of restaurant Urbano is the ideal place to enjoy this gastronomic fusion, thanks to its modern and colorful atmosphere, in which traditional elements such as parquet floors and natural tones are combined. Nature, the hallmark of the Hotel Bogotá 100 Design, is also present in this space, with the panoramic windows covered with bushes.